Cold AF Outfits

Winter in SF can be pretty damn cold. It gets a bit nippy and the best way to fight the cold is to stay inside! Haha. But if you do find yourself having to bear the cold, LAYER UP! It'll keep you nice and toasty, even if you look like a stuffed bear. 

Outfit Details


Jacket- WhoWhatWear from Target
Shirt- Charlotte Russe
Jeans- Banana Republic Petite
Shoes- BP from Nordstrom


Varsity Jacket- the Disney store
Jacket- Warriors jacket
Sweater- Boutique
Jeans- Forever21
Boots- Sperry
Socks- Warriors socks

As a California girl at heart, I will not lie and tell you I know how to dress for the cold weather because I don't. My rainy day cold outfit consists of a light jacket and booties. Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you have to dress like a frump, but you should also
be a little more prepared than me (HA!) The only advice
I can give you is; layer, layer layer!  -Kastania


I'm a weirdo. Sometimes I'm hot, sometimes I'm cold. I'll wear dresses and shorts even if it's 60 degrees out, but any temperature lower than that I layer up and end up looking like a teddy bear. I dislike the rain, so if I have the choice, I stay in bed and cozy up to a book or binge a show on Netflix. My duck boots are fun to wear if I do have to
prevail the rain because I always feel like
singing in the rain. -Angeline