Interview with ARMORS

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The Chapel, SF
January 29, 2017

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ARMORS took some time to chat with us when they made their way to San Francisco. We talked about their Spotify playlists, tour food, and Kody’s not-so-hidden talent.

Check out a snippet of the interview below!

Angeline: So I saw you guys when you were previously known as Breach the Summit, how has your sound evolved since then?

Sam: I think we got a little bit darker, maybe? Little bit more R&B.

Olen: Yeah, it feels more like a representation of the three of us versus Breach the Summit which was more of a young, youthful, indie, pop. Sam’s been in the band the longest but I’ve been in that other band for a year. We were Freshmen in high school and so we have really crappy photos of us in bowl cuts and dad shirts. Just awful things that people can find online and I think the music was similarly in the same league as that. It felt too young and we wanted to do something we felt represented the three of us so that explains the name change and the new music. We feel very in out skin as ARMORS and we continue to grow and evolve and it’s exciting.

Kody: The new stuff is going to knock yo socks off!

Angeline: What song would you say is a fan favorite that you perform live?


Kody: Yeah, people go crazy for that song.

Sam: We’ve been playing it last on the tour and people seem to get more stoked off that one than others.

Olen: It’s my favorite song too or my favorite one that we’ve released.

Angeline: Well we also work for LIVE 105 and we play that song a lot too.

Olen: Shout out to the homie Dallas.

Sam: And shout out to head honcho, Aaron Axelsen. He played our music first.

Olen: But Dallas is hilarious on Twitter though.

Sam: Well thanks to LIVE 105 in general.

Kastania: Does anyone have a hidden talent?

Olen: Kody can do a lot of voices.

Kastania: Like impersonations?

Kody: Yeah, I guess?

Olen: He impersonates the best characters from swamp people. He also does a mean Smeagol/Gollum impression.

Kastania: Can you do it for us? We want swamp people!

Kody: “You have to lure the gator. Shoot it Clint, shoot it!” (in the swamp people voice)

Olen: And we didn’t even see a gator in Florida or Louisiana .

Kody: I wanted to lure it and wrestle it, Steve Irwin style, I don’t know if you can survive that. As long as it’s not a stingray. Too soon?

Angeline: What can we expect to see from you guys in 2017?

Kody: We have new singles coming out.

Sam: Hopefully more tours.

Kody: We’re going to drop a new single that will probably change a lot of people’s perspective of us, a lot! And after that, hopefully recording more music for another EP.

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