Galentine's Day with Kevin Garrett

False Hope Tour: Kevin Garrett
Rickshaw Stop, SF
February 14, 2017

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We had the pleasure of seeing Kevin Garrett perform a sold out show in San Francisco again. The first time we saw him perform was at a Popscene Presents show in June 2016  for the release of his Mellow Drama EP.

From the moment Kevin Garrett started to sing, we both had chills. His voice is soothingly powerful with all the R&B feels and best of the pop vibes. His vocal range is incredible and lyrics are more meaningful because you can feel them in his performance.

As far as his background goes, he attended NYU and upon graduating, he continued his music interest by writing songs for some well known pop artists. He became a ghost writer for Beyonce’s Lemonade album and more specifically, the track "Pray You Catch Me." In 2017, Beyonce won a Grammy for her album which of course means, Kevin Garrett gets a little mini piece of the Grammy shipped to his house. (probably not, but that would be so cute) There’s absolutely no stopping Garrett, especially when he has the industry’s top dogs on his side.

Allegedly, he’s been seen cuddling with up & coming artist, Alessia Cara. We can only hope that they come out with a track together because 1.) all the feels 2.) like c’mon, those vocals would be ridiculous, and 3.) we crave more Kevin Garrett music like we crave caffeine; it’s an addiction.

His recent performance at Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco felt like he had a better stage presence than his previous show. He also attended and won a Grammy two days prior, so that could have something to do with it too. Regardless of what was going on internally, his performance was incredible and the crowd would agree. Each song had the crowd singing along word for word.

If you enjoy Sam Smith, Nick Jonas, James Arthur mixed with blues, you’ll definitely LOVE Kevin Garrett.

This artist is one to watch out for because he’s not stopping anytime soon. #ifyoudontknownowyouknow